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This bilingual play in American Sign Language and spoken English takes place in the mind and memory of the adult Tuc. He journeys through his childhood from the fever dream that took his hearing, to the language of nature which he shares with his beloved father, to the deaf school where his mind explodes with the discovery of sign language. Along the way, Tuc meets the mysterious Nell Hicks, who heals with herbs and singing spells. He also meets Roscoe, who gives Tuc his name-sign and cultural identity. He finds Maizie, a wild child of deaf parents, teenaged and pregnant with a head full of movie palace dreams. After the death of his father, Tuc must navigate the perilous path of loss, love and language as he struggles to weave a family out of wishes.  The Taste of Sunrise is a moving prequel to Suzan Zeder's acclaimed Mother Hicks. Mother Hicks was performed at The Stage Company in July 2014.

Kevin Purcell has directed many plays in the U.S. over the past 30 plus years. He is an SIUC grad and also was co-founder of the Seattle Public Theater and Over the Moon Productions (Springfield, Ill). Stage Company audiences will remember Kevin’s productions of Suzan Zeder's, MOTHER HICKS, in July 2014, and HEALIN' HOME in July 2015. Kevin and his wife Lucia live in Cobden.

Suzan Zeder has been recognized nationally and internationally as one of the leading playwrights for young and family audiences in the United States. Her plays have been produced in all 50 states by professional, university and community theatres.  Dr.